March 28th Speaker Series Event: Homelessness in the Tillamook Watershed

Reentry Center
The Emergency Relief Center on Officer’s Row in Tillamook is one of three relief centers in Northwest Oregon operated by Helping Hands.

The Tillamook Bay Watershed Council is pleased to announce the next installment in its 2017 Speaker Series next Tuesday night, March 28th, at the Tillamook County Library from 6:30PM to 8:30PM.

Alan Evans, co-founder and CEO of Helping Hands Reentry Outreach Centers, will discuss the growing problem of homelessness in the Tillamook Bay watershed and local efforts to help homeless individuals and families become successful members of the community. It’s an issue that is often overlooked in our efforts to protect and improve watershed-health, but homeless camps can contribute to the pollution of our waters in a number of ways. That’s why the TBWC is interested in broadening awareness, both of the problem, and of the most effective solutions.


The Council’s regular monthly meeting will follow the presentation, with updates and discussions about our many habitat restoration and community outreach efforts.
To learn more about Helping Hands Reentry Outreach Centers, visit their website at
In action
Love and compassion for our homeless community members can transform lives and improve the health of our watershed. Photo courtesy of Helping Hands Reentry Outreach Centers.
We’re looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday evening!
Below is an agenda for our March 28th meeting and an updated Coordinator’s Report:

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